3D Models

Get precise measurements from 3D models of transmission and distribution circuits, substations and buildings.


Accurately scaled orthomosaic diagrams allow complex continuous surveying at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying.

“As-Is” CAD drawings

Get highly accurate 2D and 3D “As-Is” CAD drawings to compare to design plans or to use as the basis of future modification or expansion projects.

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Simultaneously Generate Engineering Surveys and Inspect Assets

A cost efficient and safer alternative for inspecting elevated assets. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections and surveys offer our clients the ability to see hard to reach assets up close with the use of a 30X optical zoom camera. Capture high resolution images and immediately identify failing equipment using Infrared thermal imaging, while allowing the UAV to remain at a safe distance from the equipment.

  • Close range inspection of transmission towers, distribution lines and substations
  • High resolution, 30X optical zoom lens for detailed analysison the spot
  • Do live inspections and avoid shutdowns
  • Locate pole positions, attachment heights and survey power lines
  • Reduce human exposure to high risk areas
  • Fast and accurate inspection results
  • Live stream video and still photography to anywhere
  • Monitor the progress of large scale projects
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Get Precise Measurements

We’re experts in aerial 2D & 3D Orthomosaic Imaging, GIS Services, Geo Referenced and DEM Models. We use our mapping data such as point clouds to create contour drawings and volumetrics, produce accurately scaled AutoCAD renderings of landscapes for project planning and existing site assets or to generate 3D models of transmission and distribution circuits, substations, and buildings.

  • Confirm conformance with designs in the earliest stages of construction
  • Ongoing construction monitoring throughout the        project, to as-built drawing
  • Have on demand access to all site data

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AIRVU | UAV Solutions is fully Transport Canada compliant, and employs licensed fixed wing and helicopter pilots to fly our military grade UAV systems. We are a professional aviation company, flying professional UAV systems. AIRVU is pre-approved by Transport Canada to fly in Canada and can deploy rapidly for emergency situations such as storm response.